Advantage of being Merried

There is a myth, if married, then freedom will be reduced. No wonder, when entering the gate of the wedding, so many people that were hit by fears, doubts and even attacked the decision. In fact, according to the survey, marriage is more delicious, you know. What are the advantages to get married?

Here’s the answer:

1. Revenue increased by teams Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University shows, income married men on average increased 22 percent compared to when the single. This increase can be combined with the salary comes from his wife or a source of family allowances released by the company.

2. Accelerate the promotion of a married man level and also gain promotion more quickly than their peers who are still single. This is according to a survey conducted in America in 2005 against the workers there.

3. Far from a problem by the U.S. Justice Department data, or violent criminals in there the majority are single men.

4. Make love more often survey researchers in the UK in 2006 for male and female respondents in 38 countries showed that people who marry have sex more often and also more satisfied.

5. Minimize the risk of cancer In a survey conducted in Norway, the man who divorced or never married have a higher risk of death, up to 16 percent compared to a married colleague.

6. Longevity Studies from UCLA researchers showed that people who have a relatively higher level of good health long life during the eight years of study period than those who are still single.

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