Exercises for Paunchy Stomach

Body slender, taut, beautifully contained, may be every woman’s desires. For that, eat the ‘signal’ reads the body hungry, so the muscles get the fuel needed to grow strong. But, still look caloric intake of about 1400 to 2000 cal / day for adult women and keep the fat content of no more than 30%.

– Practice the lungs
With walking, rowing, running, cycling or aerobics for 30-45 minutes without stopping at least three times a week. Activity can reduce body fat percentage to less than 25%.

– Practice the stomach.
Do the following exercises to build muscles in the middle of the body.

Additional activities:
If there is time, there is no harm in your upper back muscles and waist with pull-down devices, which typically have a fitness club. Stood facing the handheld device and handles with your palms facing the instrument. Extend hands wider than the shoulders. With arms straight but not locked, pull the body and the handle down.

Then, tuck your knees under the padded barrier and sat. By using the upper back and arm, pull the handle down until it touches the chest. Then, slowly lift again. Perform 10-12 repetitions and three sets of exercises.

1. Lying on the mat, ^ right knee bent, right foot in a flat position on the mat. Place left ankle on the right thigh. Palm of the hand behind the ear. Slowly raise the head, shoulder, right leg and hip from the mattress at the same time. Elbows pointing out and neck relaxed, exhale. Pull into the stomach. Bend your best body. After that, slowly return to starting position. Repeat 15 times. Then, change the position of the foot. For each leg, do three sets of exercises

2. Sitting on the mat with legs stretched out sideways. Raise his hand as high as possible. Two hands meet. Bend your body toward your left leg. Then, slowly return to starting position. Pull into the stomach. Then, bend your body toward your right foot. Back to the middle. Repeat 15 times, then rest. Perform three sets of exercises.

3 Stand up straight with your elbows tight bends in the direction parallel to the front waist. Contract the stomach, piles of body weight on left foot and lift your right knee until the thigh length. Shake your right knee slowly up and down to 10 times. Keep your body upright, not to thrust forward. Lower your right foot to the floor. Repeat for left leg.

4. Put your left hand on the side of his head. Lift your right knee up high up across the waist, reaching the left elbow. Hold for one count, then return to starting position. Complete one repetition at the same time, (10-15 times) before switching to the right hand and left knee.

Hope this article can be useful.

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