When is the Right Time Change Hair Model?

A cut or hair color change can be a disaster for performance. Not only ordinary people who never felt a bad day, the artist lived. If so, surely lose confidence in themselves when passing through the crowd and daily habits.

What is the right time to change the style and hairstyle? The owner of the famous New York Auto Show, which runs the Garrison Sandra Bullock Hair should not be drastic changes to create a trendy hairstyle.

“Make a different approach to management. Despite the slight difference in color be a big change for the appearance.

Lining give five signs that your hair is not proper and should be replaced, as in Betty confidential.

1. No complement your hair

Your hair will generate more people to click around surprised, often are not even declare that it is time to cut hair. “This means that you need a change of hairstyle completely,” said Garrison.

To change a boring hair style, use a curling iron or rollers. “Appearing at the end of the curly hair does,” said Garrison.

With the roller or curling, you can also hide unwanted hair.

2. We have changed the hair color

Force dye your hair has disappeared and shows the original hair color. Do not try to correct your hair color at home, because the only program that can improve the way your hair.

Adding lights and light colors make the lighter hair more attractive. According to Garrison, highlighting the bright colors give the illusion of more hair shiny.

3. straight hair

If your hair feels stiff, it’s time to change the style or haircut. To overcome in a short period of time after spray volumizing shampoo with a conditioner.

Then you have to dry the hair with a round brush to give the impression of hair more flexible. Then use a roller. “The idea is to break the hair becomes softer and elegant rigid,” said Garrison.

4. Call change from ‘Sister’ at ‘Mother’

It is likely that, because the hair that makes you grow old. To show the slightest impression on the side of the hair and use hair clips, headbands, scarves, ponytail or braid.

Sweep the hair on the face of the smaller items are to look younger and fresher. “If your hair is naturally curly or wavy hair, do not try to straighten it.” natural loops is still owned by less than straight hair, “he added.

5. Her hair looks like curly disorder

Curly hair means you’re very dry and requires care. Before spending hundreds of thousands of people to a chemical treatment, we recommend trying the anti-product that can soften the curls.

Using an anti-curl cream or serum, mixed with the gel and rubbed her wet hair after bershampo and conditioner.

“To be more subtle, a comb with a large round brush,” he said. For owners of curly hair, creating a spiral with his finger and said, drying her hair.

Garrison recommends keeping the hair dryer at an angle of 45 degrees down. Therefore, hair dryer air downwards and not to aggravate that causes hair to expand the view.

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